Dozer (dog friendly) Date Ideas SE Portland, OR Edition — Zach’s Shack & Mt. Tabor

Budget dog-friendly Date Ideas by @BulldozerThePug

My mommy and Daddy are in love. They are in love with me, mostly, I think. But, they also seem fond of each other. I think that is why they are always going on these “date” things. And sometimes, I get to come along. Mommy and Daddy aren’t quite rich yet, so they always seem to pick cheaper/budget options for their dates.

This time we went to Zach’s Shack and later Mt. Tabor in Portland for our three-way date. It was a blast. Daddy, splurged on a topping filled veggie dog and Mommy got one too. Yes, Daddy also had a beer or two and I’m pretty sure they left paying less than $20.

Then we went to Mt. Tabor! This place is a doggie paradise. There were lots of four-legged friends and the sun was shining, although there were plenty of trees to pee on and provide shade. Oh boy, did we ever have fun.  It was such a blast. I just wish I could swim in the reservoirs. Maybe next time!

Stay tuned to my website for more budget dog-friendly date ideas. My Mommy and Daddy seem to have that figured out.